The IonoChem product line consists of a range of chemically modified molecules and respective services, all closely connected to our membrane biophysics activities and experience.

We taylor the lipophilic properties of chemical agents and influence their capacity to permeate membranes, ultimately enhancing the drugability of these agents.

The success of such IonoChem modifications can be easily monitored in vitro with the help of our IonoTec products.

What are IonoChem modifications good for?  

Attrition rates of drugs are still extremely high, and this is mainly due to lack of efficacy or for reason of toxicity. Arguably these issues are mainly due to the fact that drug candidates are typically isolated on the basis of their potency in a screen against a molecular target, and only subsequently are they tested in organisms in vivo. Since most modern targets have enjoyed a rather high degree of validation, it is likely that the issue of ostensible potency in vitro but lack of efficacy in vivo is not so much with the target but with the ability of drugs to reach and thereby interact with their target.

Since most drugs address intracellular targets they have to cross cellular membranes. These lipophilic barriers are especially for hydrophilic compounds an intractable obstacle leading not only to a poor bioavailability but also a too short biological half-life of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs).


IonoChem addresses these issues and offers various methods to improve membrane permeation capabilities of APIs. One approach is the design and formulation of lipid based compounds, another an equivalent prodrug concept (below). Common ground is a selective derivatisation of APIs with a broad spectrum of lipophilic moieties, which are covalently coupled to the metabolic active structure. These penetration enhancers comprise mono- and double-tailed natural and (semi-)synthetic lipids, that can be introduced into various positions of therapeutic molecules. 

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