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Our Ionotec product line offers instrumentation, consumables, and services centered around membrane biophysics with instruments for the automated, reproducible, and hence routine oriented generation of lipid bilayers for the analysis of biomembrane related phenomena. Add-on options and consumables complete the offer. Please have a look into more detail here ... 


picks up the traditional concept of an artificial biomembrane spanned vertically between two individually accessible compartments for electrophysiological measurements. It represents the second generation of these devices at Ionovation and, with its automation and range of consumables, it turns bilayer experiments on reconstituted membrane proteins into a routine technique no longer reserved to the expert. For fans of the vintage instruments the Ionovation Compact is still an option upon request.


has taken the lipid bilayer or BLM concept to a new level of experimental possibilities. With its unique horizontal bilayer design, dual perfusion and even temperature control option it makes the membrane accessible for advanced microscopic analyses and opens novel insights to the membrane biophysicist.


All biochemical and biophysical interactions are temperature dependent. Thus, many experiments in membrane biophysics benefit from an accurate temperature control and monitoring and open a new range of scientific insights and the Ionovation Thermomaster enables to do just this in a easy and reproducible way.


is a small and robust electronic device used to generate and monitor your membranes e.g. on the Ionovation Explorer. It provides an easy and inexpensive way to QC the basis of your results, a free floating artificial biomembrane in your Ionovation ExplorerSlide.


are the small things that come in handy when doing research on your Ionovation Platform. Pre-arranged measuring chambers (for the Ionovation Scout) and Explorer Slides (for the Ionovation Explorer) let you start your measurements only minutes after arriving in the lab and avoid contamination and tedious fiddling. Our lipid compositions are tried and tested and have proved to be of use for many experimental setups. After all your goal is getting results from your biology, setting up the membrane is the Ionovation equipment´s job.


For more detailed information on IonoTec products and services please feel free to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For a direct link to our scientists please refer to

Dr. Roland Hemmler (Scout, Explorer, Thermomaster, Capmeter)

Dr. Andy Sischka (PicoTweezers)