- the automated electrophysiology workhorse

The Ionovation Scout is your tool for the electrophysiological analysis of reconstituted molecules in the defined environment of artificial lipid membranes. It amalgamates the essence of  the 10 years of experience with the Ionovation Compact and is much smaller, even more flexible, and very economic as well.

This flexible bench top system has made the study of membrane channels and transporters from both animal and plant cells and their organelles a lot easier. No more limitation to suitable cell lines and easy access to both sides of the membrane are characteristic for the bilayer technique the system is based on.

And here´s the big extra: the automated membrane generation in combination with the pre-manufactured chambers guarantees the success of bilayer-experiments for every lab and makes it the efficiency tool of choice for both experts and beginners. After all you want results from your biology, so leave the task of having a membrane ready for these measurements to the Ionovation Scout.

The instrument comes in a very economic version for standard experiments and is optionally upgradable with high performance electronics for sub-pA electrical resolution.

Specific and published areas of research for the Ionovation Scout include (but are not limited to):

  • Plant channels and pores
  • Bacterial channels and pores
  • Animal channels and pores
  • Toxic agents, e.g. botulinum toxin
  • Membrane active agents, e.g. synuclein
  • Structure-function analyses on all of the above
  • Lipid-Flip-Flop
  • And many others ...

For more detailed information please contact our scientist Dr. Roland Hemmler directly.

Roland will be happy to discuss technical specifcations and possible applications with you, without any obligation.


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"Bilayering" can be a laborious enterprise, if you have to build your own chamber for every experiment. The IonoTools Compact Chamber is packed ready to use and offers the start of your experiments only minutes after you enter the lab in the morning. Just unpack, fit in the chamber holder, paint your bilayer, and start gathering data.

  • pre-manufactured, individually sealed and ready for use
  • Bilayer apertures available from 70 - 300µm (standard 120 µm)
  • Chamber volume ca 1 ml
  • for use with IonoVation Scout, IonoVation Compact or any conventional manual bilayer rig

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