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the automated electrophysiology workhorse

The Ionovation Scout is the tool for lipid bilayer electrophysiology:

  • Comes with everything you need for your experiment.
  • Is the ideal entry into the world of ion channels or membrane active substances.
  • Detects anything that affects the conductance and/or the capacitance of the lipid membrane.
  • Temperature controlled experiments using the Ionovation Thermomaster 2.

he Ionovation Scout is made for lipid bilayer experts and also for beginners in the field. Our experts will introduce you into the system depending on your individual knowledge.

We have more than 20 years of experience in lipid bilayer electrophysiology. Ionovation gives live-long support by email, phone or videocall free of charge. There will be help on your application, data analysis and technical issues.   

Unique Scout features are:

  • Automated bilayer production and validation
  • Automated data acquisition
  • Single channel recording made easy (immidiate perfusion)
  • precise monitoring of the bilayer properties
  • 2 channel perfusion
  • Advanced online analysis
  • Easy handling
  • Compatible with Ionovation Thermomaster 2

Main applications are:

  • Nanopores
  • Ion Channels
  • Toxins
  • MAPs
  • Transporters
  • Ionic liquids
  • Lipid phase transitions
  • ...

For more detailed information please contact our scientist Dr. Roland Hemmler directly. Roland will be happy to discuss technical specifcations and possible applications with you, without any obligation.

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"Bilayering" can be a laborious enterprise, if you have to build your own chamber for every experiment. The IonoTools Compact Chamber is packed ready to use and offers the start of your experiments only minutes after you enter the lab in the morning. Just unpack, fit in the chamber holder, paint your bilayer, and start gathering data.

Unique Scout features are:

  • pre-manufactured, individually sealed and ready for use
  • Bilayer apertures available from 70 - 300µm (standard 120 µm)
  • Chamber volume ca 1 ml
  • for use with IonoVation Scout, IonoVation Compact or any conventional manual bilayer rig


All biochemical and biophysical interactions are temperature dependent. Thus, many experiments in membrane biophysics benefit from an accurate temperature control and monitoring and this can open a whole new range of scientific insights.

Unique features are:

  • Run your experiment under physiological conditions
  • Study kinetics at different temperatures
  • Adapt your experiment to the melting temperature of various lipid mixtures
  • Study the temperature dependence of protein-protein-, protein-ligand-, and protein-lipid-interactions
  • slow down fast activation kinetics of ion channels
  • monitor changes in the diffusion time of membrane components

About us

Ionovation GmbH has a wealth of experience in microscopy and electrophysiology. Our product line includes the 2018 Nobel Prize winning optical tweezers technology as well as unique fluorescence and quantitative phase contrast microscopy in combination with organ-on-chip technologies. In addition, we offer automated workstations for lipid bilayer electrophysiology. We always deliver state-of-the-art technologies and services for your research projects.

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